How To Use is the easiest way to have fun!

We are your escape from the everyday grind giving you 24/7 streaming radio from 106.7FM  THE FAN – WJFK, official message board, podcasts, and of course the place where fun creators and bored people meet. is very easy to use and we want you to have fun and contribute! You may win some great prizes along the way. To get started, create an account.

We are all about having fun!

When you come across something you like, click the ‘thumbs up’ and give that poster a vote. Tell your friends about the post by sharing to Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

The Keyboard shortcuts your fingers will love.

Whatever your mouse or trackpad can do, our keyboard shortcuts can do for you much easier! Works on both Windows and Mac.

Post your fun quickly in three ways

It’s the simplest experience ever to post funny pics, videos or audio clips. Build up your fun collection quickly.

Your profile contains your favorite collections and your own posts

You can go to your profile page and see all of  your favorite posts you found on for future viewing or sharing on social networks. Never lose a great post again. You can always come back and find your favorites.

So what are you waiting for?


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