The Junkies: John Auville

John “Cakes” Auville grew up in Bowie, Maryland along with J.P. and Eric. John went to Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt along with J.P. and played tennis. John then attended Towson University where he majored in communications.Though he served as a college intern for Channel 4′s George Michael, he did not pursue a career in broadcasting. John became a manager at Toys-R-Us where he slinged toys until he became a full-time “Junkie” in May of 1997.

Cakes married his wife Amy in 1995 and his son, Kurt Joseph, was born in April of 1997. Cakes and his wife had their daughter Juliet in April of 2002. Cakes third child, Brandon Craig (in honor of Crickety) was born in June of 2004. Since Cakes doesn’t want to spill his demon seed again resulting in yet another child, he’s had a vasectomy and is affectionately known as “Johnny Blanks” now.

Cakes has proven over the last year that he rises to challenges. Cakes won $2000 for staying in a coffin for two days and won another $600 for eating 15 hot dogs in 15 minutes. You can see pictures in the photo gallery.


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