The Junkies: J.P. Flaim

J.P. Flaim grew up in Bowie, Maryland along with E.B. and Cakes. At Eleanor Rooselvelt High School in Greenbelt, J.P. played baseball and soccer.After high school, JP attended the University of Maryland and majored in international business. While at Maryland he lived with E.B. during his junior and senior years.Upon graduation in 1992, JP took a job at a mortgage company but he hated his job. So after less than two years in the real world, he enrolled at Temple Law School where he received his J.D. in 1997. Later that year J.P. opened his bar exam results live on the air and failed, but he managed to pass the second time. Though he could practice law if he wanted to, he prefers being a “Junkie.”

J.P. has two children, Kelsie, born in September of 2000, and Dylan Carlos, born in February of 2007.


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